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About Havana Rules


This 1930’s mystery has Mike Callahan and Ginny Maitland married, and they travel to Cuba by boat with the Hemingway’s on their honeymoon. Richard Jordan, who had plotted to kill Ginny, has fled to Havana and is hiding in the city. Jordan sees Ginny at their hotel and plots with smugglers to kidnap Ginny and to hold her for a $500,000 ransom. Ginny, Mike, and the Hemingway’s go out on the town, as the kidnappers stalk them. They take Ginny, and a man is killed during the crime. Police Inspector, Joaquim Cortez, a corrupt cop, questions the witnesses seeing this crime as an opportunity for him.The nightclub owner, Carlotta, provides Mike with information about the kidnappers. Mike, his partner, Doc, along with gunmen, supplied by friends must race to the Island of the Witches to rescue Ginny. The leader of the kidnapper’s gang, Dieter Sparr, under attack, flees with Ginny to another hideout with Mike and his men pursuing him. Cortez, the police inspector, is right behind Mike, wanting to rescue Ginny and eliminate the kidnapper to cover up his criminal actions. Callahan, Cortez, and their people rush toward their final confrontation, each wanting to save Ginny but for different reasons. The events in Cuba will affect everyone involved in ways they could not have foreseen.

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