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About The Kiss Off


It’s 1930 and in Manhattan the gangsters Legs Diamond and Lucky Luciano are fighting to increase their criminal empires, with some politicians looking to get a piece of the action. A young woman, seeking to escape the summer heat on a party boat is murdered, her body tossed overboard. The woman’s body is later washed ashore after a storm. Reading the news story of the dead girl, Detective Mike Callahan investigates, sadly finding that he knew the woman. Determined to find her killer, Callahan enlists the aid of their mutual friend, a prominent business woman. With his regular partner in the hospital, he is forced to work with the son of Thomas Shaw, the senior Senator of New York. The senator, not the man the public believes him to be, has connections with Legs Diamond. As the investigation proceeds, the senator and his son are forced to take actions which will influence the investigation, and the steps that Callahan must take to solve the mystery. Relentless in his pursuit of the killer, the case will drive Callahan towards an unexpected conclusion with the death of the young woman leading to more deaths, affecting all who knew her.

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